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The IV Code Difference

At IV Code, along with our sister company, Resilience Code, we believe there is a unique “code” that exists inside us all, which determines how we biochemically respond to life’s stresses. IV Code offers individualized infusion treatments administered by world-class caregivers. By optimizing your health through IV therapy, IV Code helps you discover what it really means to feel your best.

The IV Code Experience

Our services are professionally administered by licensed medical professionals who provide fast relief by delivering essential fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. In addition to our private facility, we also offer off-site infusion services so you can relax during your IV therapy session in the privacy of your office or home. Rather than having you simply pick from a menu of services, our medical practitioners will determine the right customized treatment based on your needs and goals.

IV Code is also located within a state-of-the art testing facility, full-service sports-recovery center, and physical therapy clinic. With Resilience Code’s comprehensive medical and sports testing services, you can address all of your health and recovery needs in one location.


What our customers are saying.

The Athlete: Krista

“As a competitive triathlete, training and competing puts a lot of demand on my body. I work overtime to recover as efficiently as possible, but that’s easier said than done. IV Code’s Rebuild therapy gives me the essential amino acids and hydration I need to get ready for my next race or hard training day.”

The Hangover: Mark

“I was best man at my friend’s wedding in Denver. Between the altitude and having a little too much fun at the rehearsal dinner, I didn’t think I was going to look or feel my best for the wedding ceremony. Thankfully, IV Code’s Reclaim therapy worked wonders, and I felt and looked better immediately!”

The Beauty Queen: Jennifer

“I’m very active outside. Unfortunately, the Colorado sun takes a toll on my skin. I need to look my very best for my job in real estate, and doing a weekly Reenergize therapy at IV Code helps me do just that!”

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